Our goal is to write music for your Mind, Heart and Dancing feet!

In whatever style you like to perform, act and react.

First we get the song idea and we’re not locked into any specific genre. Then we produce the track in Ableton Live, write the lyrics and set the song. After that we try to find the perfect artist/s or band for the track, or the perfect singer to record the vocals, and then we head down to Amptown Recording Studio to record the vocals, backing vocals, live instruments or whatever needed to make the song perfect.

If we already got an artist/s or band for the track, then we try to land a record deal for the release. Otherwise we release the track on iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, Juno Download, Google Music Play and many others through Wreckastow Records – a local label company.

We’re always looking for artist/s and bands who wants to record our songs. And companies that could manage our catalogue.

If you’re interested in our work
– or want us to write a song specially for you,

contact Nina Åkerlund or Raffe Bergwall for more info.

Our latest Work